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When it comes to Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), evidence-based medicine shows the importance of identifying the disease in the early stages. Some of the signs may include slow or non-healing foot or leg sores, early signs of gangrene (blackened toes), and pain when walking that subsides at rest. 40% of individuals will experience no pain but may have signs of muscle atrophy and discoloration of the lower extremities. The CDC states that close to 8.5 million people in the US alone have PAD, and 12-20% of those individuals are age 60 or older. Undergoing yearly screenings is a great way to detect the disease early. If a patient is positive for PAD, we can then provide minimally invasive treatment options, and ultimately prevent limb amputation!

Don't wait until it's too late!

In the past, patients with PAD were discovered in the late stages when they presented larger sized ulcers on the legs and/or feet. Some even with blackened toes (dead tissue due to lack of blood flow). By that time, PAD has advanced to the point where many patients unfortunately faced amputations. This often spiraled into infections, limited mobility, severe pain, and depression which resulted in a reduced quality and length of life. The good news is that our board-certified interventional specialists are saving limbs that were once considered unsalvageable! In addition, we also offer treatment options for the early stages of PAD as well. Remember, early detection truly does save limbs and lives!



While we provide diagnostics on ALL stages of PAD, we firmly believe that early diagnosis saves limbs and lives. Our sole focus is on diagnosing and treating PAD, and then monitoring patients through annual follow up visits to be sure the disease does not return.


Procedures are performed by board certified and fellowship trained physicians.


We accept Medicare and most private and state insurances as well. New patients are scheduled within one week!